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Long time

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 15, 2007, 2:44 PM
I Love dA !

Birta Rán
(let me know if you want to be here)


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Im so tired and hungry.. i want to eat something, but i dont have appetite.
My dad is in London at the moment and oh my god i dont know what the h*** he bought for me... he's amazing, i didn't really ask him for anything, but he said he bought somethings for me.

My friend told me earlier that Pablo Fransisco is going on "europe tour"... and im probably going with her, OMG!
He is soooo funny, dint you think?

Its getting Hot in here *sings*

Im so bored, note me :D!

kirra-photography She is so talented and beautiful!

Kryptonite by kirra-photography Noir by kirra-photography Porcelain by kirra-photography Delicate by kirra-photography Snow by kirra-photography Candy by kirra-photography Ponder by kirra-photography Grace by kirra-photography Botany by kirra-photography
Thumb.gifStill amazed for


by Violator3

Self.gifNew Work


:iconvisualorgasmclub: :icontheunknownartists: :iconunseen-photographers: :iconunknownphotography: :iconfeatureshare: :iconphotohunt:

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Journal Entry: Tue Jun 5, 2007, 4:52 PM
I Love dA !

Birta Rán
(let me know if you want to be here)


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I tear my heart open, I sew myself shut
My weakness is that I care too much
And my scars remind me that the past is real
I tear my heart open just to feel

I'm drunk and I'm feeling down
And I just wanna be alone
You shouldn't ever come around
Why don't you just go home?
Cause you're drowning in the water
And I tried to grab your hand
And I left my heart open
But you didn't understand
But you didn't understand
Go fix yourself

From Scars by Papa Roach (click the song's name to listen to it)

I feel like i have been busy last few days..
School is over, or it ends tomorrow! Weeee!
I Joined group on Flickr, 365 days.
'What is it about?'
Well.. You have to take photo of yourself for 365 days, do you think i can do it?
I'll try my best.
I'm going to post the pictures here, But you can put notes, write comments and fave my work on my Flickr (at least add me)

Have to wake up at 10 am tomorrow.. i have nothing to do at the moment except, music!

I made an Action!
My first Action.. but its a set.. read how-to-use in the Artist's Comments.
My Dark Sepia Action can be found here

curster She is so talented and her dolls are just... TOO CUTE!

invasion demon by curster libertad by curster invasion by curster disco by curster proper by curster libertad demon by curster mammoth bunny by curster future minion by curster mammoth fuzzbunny by curster blue invasion demon by curster
Thumb.gifStill amazed for

Just... wow!

by Violator3

Self.gifNew Work
Human doll by XxBirtaxX
'Human Doll' was my friends idea, Jóhanna S., or she told me her idea and i shot it like i understood it, so it was built on her idea.
Jóhanna is an great artist, check out her Flickr account and comment her work, she deserves

Photographers portait by XxBirtaxX
Normal shot of me.. i really wanted to do something 'fashiony' with my hair and i realized how long my hair was, so i straightened it and... yes, here you go.
NOW you can get this kind of Sepia-action, right here… (let me know if you use it!
:iconvisualorgasmclub: :icontheunknownartists: :iconunseen-photographers: :iconunknownphotography: :iconfeatureshare: :iconphotohunt:

Get this CSS !
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6000 :O!

Journal Entry: Tue May 29, 2007, 3:35 PM
I Love dA !

Birta Rán
(let me know if you want to be here)


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Today has been... quiet.
I went to school and then to my friend and got holistic treatment and studied for my Icelandic-exam tomorrow... i better go to sleep early so i wont be tired :O
I cant expect good grades.. i dont understand icelandic grammar rules, they're weird.

Wow.. nearly 6000 pageviews.
The person who will get the 6000th.. please press Print screen and send me the picture and you will be featured in my journal.
If you get between 6001 and 6010 also press print screen because if the person who gets the 6000th doesnt take picture, you might win, get what im trying to tell you?

Me and my sister were looking through some reeeeeally old photos earlier.
My dad wanted to be a photographer when he was younger, that would explain some things for me.. like.. why i do like photography/arts so much.
The picture i uploaded is of my sister, Eva, taken when she was 2 years old.
I might upload few more photos that he took, but they're on like.. film, so they will all look old and things like that, thats just cool, isn't it?

Check it out, also my 'Summerportrait'

Thank you all for great support.:heart:

StefanieSauer I have to feature this doll.. she's got amazing gallery!

Rather say nothing by StefanieSauer White Dream by StefanieSauer Red Rose by StefanieSauer Truly Madly Deeply by StefanieSauer 2 become 1 by StefanieSauer :thumb41433319: Right Kind of Wrong by StefanieSauer :thumb41802210: :thumb41600368:  :thumb41600286: :thumb40625115: :thumb40624940: :thumb39304045: Teddybear ll by StefanieSauer
Thumb.gifStill amazed for

Stunning photo!

by sala-jin

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New Layout!

Journal Entry: Fri May 25, 2007, 4:47 PM
I Love dA !

Birta Rán
(let me know if you want to be here)


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Weee... new Journal Layout!
Thanks to 33xiT!
Take a look at his gallery, simply by clicking here!
Today i felt really sick, my stomach hurted *sigh*.
I uploaded picture which i took this morning in my grandmothers jewellers.

Ring ring by XxBirtaxX
Please tell me what you think about it.

Yes, im smarter than i thought.
I think i understand HTML more than i thought, or i dont know.

Im working on "(airbrushing-)fan-art" for saturdayx.
Its my first Airbrushing picture since.. ever so i hope people like it.

Thank you all for everything.

Birta :heart:
poisonunic has so amazing gallery!
I understood by poisonunic :thumb46979789: Z8 by poisonunic I do not want to know... by poisonunic In every beating of my heart by poisonunic Waiting inspiration by poisonunic Turn off by poisonunic Feel converse by poisonunic   I wont call you by poisonunic
Thumb.gifStill amazed for

by pheelfresh

Journal entry + suggest artist

Journal Entry: Mon May 21, 2007, 3:22 PM
  • Reading: Eleven minutes
  • Watching: CSI
  • Drinking: Orange-Juice
My Daily Deviation:
Diana by frasergj
By frasergj - Amazing work.. my first kind of "fan-art" and his first realistic photo he colours. Thank you doll :heart:
Diana, my sis and school

On the 14th of May i shot with my little cousin.
Her name is Diana and shes 13 year old.
I enjoyed shooting with her.. and tell me something, dont you think her hair is just.. amazingly beautiful?
I also shot with my sister, Kristín.

Newest: Thinking by XxBirtaxX Black Stripe by XxBirtaxX

Shoot with Díana:
Diana . . by XxBirtaxX Dianaa by XxBirtaxX Diana up.close by XxBirtaxX Diana. looking up by XxBirtaxX Diana up close by XxBirtaxX Diana Close.Up by XxBirtaxX Diana close-up by XxBirtaxX Diana closeup by XxBirtaxX Diana close up by XxBirtaxX Diana, by XxBirtaxX Diana  . by XxBirtaxX Diana . by XxBirtaxX Diana. by XxBirtaxX Diana by XxBirtaxX

With Kristín:
In the grass by XxBirtaxX Kristin by XxBirtaxX

Something intresting happend to me last night.
On Saturday i went to my friend, Kata, in Reykjavík and yesterday i missed the bus back to Borgarnes, so i had to stay in Reykjavík and skip school this morning.
Oh my god, have anyone here seen the movie Zodiac?
- What did you think about it?
Me and Kata went to see it, I like it, its a little long, but not boring.
Jake Gyllenhaal is sooo my favorite actor, he's cute too.
I think you should go see that film.

I have couple of ideas for shooting'N'styling.. i hope i'll be able to take some photos and show you my ideas..

I just have to "suggest" an artist, he deserves it so much!
:iconhnefill: ~ Watch him and comment and favorite his photos, he's so great and i have so much to thank him for.
He just started on Deviantart and this is just.. smallest thing i could do to thank him, so please just add him, you wont regret it. ;)

Thank you all for your support!:hug:



Journal Entry: Mon May 14, 2007, 2:02 PM
  • Listening to: Sandstorm - Darude
  • Watching: Heroes
My Daily Deviation:
chair.two by afr3ak
By afr3ak - This photo reminds me of JeanFrancois's gallery.
Yo peeeepz, whassap?

I shot with my 13 year old cousin yesterday, she's great!
Im uploading the photos later tonight or tomorrow.
I feel like im so busy.. or have been so busy last few days but i havent really had anything to do, get me? - didn't think so.

I've thought about something, the name Peter.
I think this name is so cool.
AND another thing,
If you watch the show Heroes you should know who Peter Petrelli is, right?
okay, now think about... Spiderman 1... or 2.. or just Spiderman, okay.
His name is Peter Parker..
Do you get it... all those p's
and another Peter P.
Peter Pan, who doesn't know him!?
All im saying is that i think this is cool, and now i really like the name Peter, haha.. its so great!

But yes, like i (think) i said, im going to upload photos from my shoot with Díana :D

Stay Tuned!

Birta :heart:

My nonesense

Journal Entry: Sun May 6, 2007, 5:32 PM
  • Listening to: Sing for Absolution - Muse
  • Watching: SkjárEinn
My Daily Deviation:
Adriana Lima by elisabethsmenesfrost
By elisabethsmenesfrost
- Amazing drawing!
Shalom! (it means Hello, in Hebrew)</i>

I have noothing to talk about, im just sitting in a sofa in my living room listening to music and my cat left me (he sat beside me, awww.. kittie)

I have absolutely NOTHING to do, i want to take pictures but its dark outise now, i prefer natural light.
I really didn't know that so many people were ready to be my models.
I know most of my friends are ready to do modeling for me, so does my brother and sister - thats so amazing.
Hmm.. i was thinking about doing some kind of "list".. you know, "have you ever....?" or.. do you know what i mean?
But first!

I want to "advertise" my friend, Heiđrún.
She IS on MySpace, and i really think you should check out her Space and listen to her two covers (we're working on more stuff, im helping her out)
HerSpace - we're going to take photos soon and yeah, we're probably going to record new song this week, or next week.. so stay tuned and add her as a friend

I have.. one new picture on my gallery since i wrote journal.
Check it out !
Tear by XxBirtaxX
Comments and critiques are very much appreciated!

Birta :heart:

5000 pageviews

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 30, 2007, 10:13 AM
  • Listening to: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs - Fall Out Boy
  • Watching: Cartoons on TV
  • Eating:
My Daily Deviation:
by junest

Wow, 40 more pageviews to get 5000 pageviews.
I dont really think 5000 is that much but my gallery isn't really that 'famous' like so many here on Deviantart.
Hmm it would be fun if this journal was about getting my 50.000 pageview, but.. i'll just have to wait and hope i'll get noticed.


If you haven't noticed my new work, me and Kolbrún Tanja shot together the other day.

Desert Rose. by XxBirtaxX Desert Rose by XxBirtaxX Bronze is the new Gold by XxBirtaxX Look away by XxBirtaxX Behind brown eyes by XxBirtaxX Rose by XxBirtaxX Foxy Cleopatra by XxBirtaxX
Comment and critique is very much appreciated!
I ALSO made myself a MySpace and Buzznet accounts.
They're both in my... link something, add me as a friend please :hug:

Birta :heart:


Journal Entry: Wed Apr 11, 2007, 6:57 AM
  • Listening to: Some remix and my classmates talking
  • Watching: My classmates
My Daily Deviation:
Revisit Every Smile II by Velmont-Ramz by ~Velmont-Ramz
School :(

Im at school now.. its so boring.
I was asked to go photograph old construction equipments for newspaper here, called Fréttablađiđ, i thought that was so great, great opportunity.
Now im just moving some photos of my harddrive on Óđals computer, photos from the play, maybe i'll add some on here, if i like them enough.

Birta :heart:


Journal Entry: Sun Apr 8, 2007, 6:21 AM
  • Listening to: Mad World - Gary Jules
My Daily Deviation:
:thumb51784896: by =o-precious-one
Easter! :D

Ahh Easter!
I found my easter-egg, and it tastes great, just not if you eat if fast - it makes your tummy hurts.
Its my fifteenth birthday tomorrow, i dont think im going to do anything. :cake:
My mum and dad asked if i wanted to go to Reykjavík with them and see the new Mr. Bean movie.. about his holiday.
Dont know if they invited me because of my birthday tomorrow or they just want to see it with me, either way, i think its cute they asked.
I hope i can meet :iconmelaya: today, i hope she's still in Reykjavík.
Must list:
1# Meet Lovísa
2# Take picture of us together
3# Something else
Im bad at listing things, so.. haha
Im pretty distracted today, i dont really know why.. but i just am.
Im planning to take photos of the little lobster i got yesterday, but hes dead but so red and beautiful and i want to take picture of us, mwuhaha.. i sound so.. so... something, weird.
I want to thank :iconcandysores: for my avatar, check out her gallery, its so cute!
My Journal looks so great, thanks to :iconahedrick201: - Thank you ! :dance:
I might upload some photos tonight, maybe babe!

Birta :heart:

CSS, yay!

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 5, 2007, 5:36 PM
Im trying to use CSS-code something, i feel so smart.. because i think i understand what im doing.. but i dont.
i want to add my DD of the day.

:thumb52494780: by :iconinto-dust:
great picture, love the colours and everything + the top is really cute, made by the model.
Check out ~into-dust's gallery, you're going to like it.
haha yay, this CSS thing works.
:iconcandysores: is making an avatar for me, thank you so much for that :cuddle:

Thank you all for the support, comment, faves, watch.. thank you all! :heart:

1 year subscribtion

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 4, 2007, 6:56 PM
Thanks to my brother, im now "subscribed" on dA!
you'll get to buy my prints, niiice , dont you think? no?
Anyway, im excited.

I cant do CSS code either, i dont know how to do it :O

Okay guys!
My camera is back and im going to take lots of pictures soon.
Like i said i have lots of new ideas.. i just hope that they're something special or great or whatever :D
I dont know when im going to upload them or take them.. but soon. maybe I'll take some photos today if the waether is lovely and i find myself a model or i could possibly use selftimer or remote and be my own model.. maybemaybe
I need a photo for my "Devious Information" thing.. so im going to do that too.
Im probably going to buy a subscription so my journal may look nicer and my work might be noticed more.
I want to be noticed *sigh*

:iconmelaya:  ~ great friend and really Mad scientist, madest of all! ~ you should check out her gallery, she's a doll (hope we will be able to shoot together this summer.. or over the easter-holiday) :D :heart:


But yes, Thank you guys for the comments and favs and sorry for keeping you waiting for new work.

  • Listening to: Banana Co. - Radiohead
Im sorry im not posting any new pictures, my camera is in Reykjavík getting fixed and i get it next.. Tuesday yay!
I have lots of new ideas and its annoying because i cant take photos with no camera (except my old Cybershoot-camera, heh -_-)
After nearly a year (if you read my journar since... July last year, you can read about the "100 theme project", im going to try it, i was even thinking about 1 picture every day, so it will take.. 100 days (around 3 months) or maybe 5 in one week (around 5 months).
Im thinking about getting a pro account on here, and maybe Flickr too.
I just wanted to tell you that im not going to upload anything until Wednesday maybe, alright?

Birta :heart:
  • Listening to: Sing for Absolution - Muse

hey guys, im back!

new account though: here

  • Listening to: Silver and Cold - AFI
  • Reading: Pride and Prejudice
  • Drinking: Malt
Sorry guys... i suppose im leaving DeviantART for good now.. might check out your work.. but im not going to upload more photos and im deleting all my work here, sorry loves
Love you guys
Check out my Flickr

sorry again guys..

Keep up your amazing work :D
  • Listening to: Wolf At the Door - Radiohead
  • Reading: Pride and Prejudice
  • Watching: My inside eyelid
  • Playing: stay-awake-bitch
  • Eating: more like Starving
Ahh... i created one of those sites on you might want to check it out?

My Flickr

Well... yeah... i've got like... 5 fans or something, and thats just my friends?

okay... let's have a some sort of... guestbook here
write how you found my account and... how you like it?

this is goint to be so interesting :D

Spain here i come...
i'll be away for 3 weeks..
let's hope i'll take some hot, arty photos ^^
love you guys

:iconnoshameinemo: :icondeviantdolls: :icongoregalore:  :iconall-things-dark: :iconcat-club-cat: :iconcarnival-macabre:
okay... i were reading :icondarkmoon3636:'s journal.. and found this:…
and i thougth to myself... "why not"
and now i'm trying to finish this project of mine..
i'm not really started.. but i will soon.. stay tuned if you want :)
BUT don't be expecting some really fancy photos... i'm really have no ideas for shooting..

:icondirtycupcake: for being such a great cupcake :D
:iconmelaya: for being such a great friend
:iconlarafairie: for being such a great artist!
:iconjeanfrancois: for being such a great artist and also for gettin' all those freakin' great ideas
:iconkaritas: for being such a good friend
:iconwazabees: for takin' such a gorgeous cat-photos
:iconsuzi9mm: for fantastic gallery and great ideas
:icondonotattempt: For fantastic Stock
:icondetail24: for great gallery

:iconnoshameinemo: :icondeviantdolls: :icongoregalore:  :iconall-things-dark: :iconcat-club-cat: :iconcarnival-macabre: